I am an addict

Let me guess........... you are an honest, good, pleasant person with a good heart who is trying to do your part in society by being an overall good citizen. I believe you.  I have no doubt about it actually.

But there is that dirty little secret in your life called pornography that I'm guessing you'd never want anybody to find out about.  It's something you'd be embarrassed about if someone ever found out.  And as long as it's something you can view in the privacy of your own room and is legal, then what's the problem right?  Nobody has to know, right?

This is how I felt most of my life about my "dirty little secret".  And all the while as I was living a good normal, happy life, I was still always coming back to my dirty little secret.  What I didn't know was that I was digging myself in a hole that I thought I could get myself out of whenever I wanted.   After awhile, I started to realize that it was something I couldn't shake"But hey, what's the harm, right?".  "I'll let go from it someday, just not right now".  That's what I would tell myself.    Every year I continued to tell myself that, and every year that hole I was digging got deeper and deeper without me realizing how far down I was.

If you've started digging your own hole..... I want to warn you to STOP NOW!  Please learn from my experience and DO NOT BE LED INTO THE DARKNESS OF PORNOGRAPHY!  It may be too late if you do!  Please read my story and learn from my consequences.  I sincerely hope my experiences will help you not suffer the same experiences I have.

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About Me

I am a normal well-to-do, kind, funny person who loves people and cares about people very much.  I've grown up in a good family and have been brought up with good morals which I've always tried to respect.  Oh and did I mention I've had an addiction to pornography all my life and I've let it ruin my life?.......................

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My Lifelong Struggle

I have dealt with pornography addiction since I was a kid.  I will give you an honest run down of how I've dealt with the different phases I've gone through in my life and where it has ultimately let me to.

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At 7am on a Wednesday morning when police and FBI were outside pounding on my door, I knew at that point I had let my addiction get the best of me.  It was an all time low that has changed my life forever.

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There is hope in recovery

One thing I've known all my life about this addiction is that it feels like there's just nothing you can do about it.  It can feel hopeless.  But I've also learned that if you truly seek for help in the right places, you can conquer this addiction.  I truly believe this.

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Other Helpful Resources

There are so many great articles about pornography addiction as well as great resources if you're seeking recovery.  I will add different links as I find them.